2018 Lifetime

Tony Carlisle

  • 6 months ago
  • written by NDA



With an outstanding 43 year track record, Tony has ploughed all of his labours into maintaining equality throughout society. The founder of The Great North Dog Walk, the world’s largest Dog Walk, Tony has been recognised both nationally and internationally for his fundraising efforts, participating in bungee jumps, hang gliding, parachuting and even pushing a frozen pea with his nose for a mile to raise close to £8,000,000 for various different charities. Described as an ‘ambassador for all that is good in people’, Tony has been awarded the Emerald certificate for donating a total of 75 pints of blood, was titled the Shield’s Gazette ‘People’s Champion’ for his charity work and was selected to be part of the North of England’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ for his services to the community. A vast collection of inspirational votes coupled with awe inspiring evidence warranted Tony a place on this year’s shortlist.


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