Louis Johnson, 12, from Tettenhall Wood, has been nominated in the positive role model (age) category in the national awards.

The prestigious awards recognises nominees in their respective fields of diversity, including age, disability, gender, race, faith, religion and sexual orientation.

In eight years of fundraising, since he was five years old, he has raised nearly £20,000 for local charities.

Last year alone, the Smestow School pupil raised nearly £6,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

In his nomination, Louis said: “Just being nominated means a lot, it is not about winning to me it is about others seeing what I do and awareness of charities I support.

“Just making a difference is all it takes.”

Last year Louis was named as one of two child ambassadors for the British Citizen Youth Awards. He also was awarded the Duncan Edwards Good Citizen Awards and a Certificate of Excellence from the Mayor of Wolverhampton.

His next fundraising challenge will see him undertake a 15-mile walk from Tettenhall to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and back, in fancy dress, on April 20. When he reaches the hospital, Louis will be donating teddy bears and colouring books to children being treated there.

Nominations and voting for the National Diversity Awards close on May 31 and a shortlist of nominees will be announced shortly after. An awards ceremony will take place in September.

To vote for Louis, visit www.nationaldiversityawards.co.uk/nominate/21022.

Source – www . Express and Star . com

Two West Yorkshire Police employees have been nominated in the national Control Room Awards 2019.

The awards are due to take place this Thursday (7 March) at the De Vere Orchard Hotel in Nottingham.

Chief Inspector Nick Rook has been nominated for the award for Services to the Public and police staff member Eddie McEvoy is nominated in the Special Recognition for Bravery and Courage category.

Chief Inspector Rook is one of only a handful of registered sight impaired officers in the UK and has previously been nominated in the National Diversity Awards and European Diversity Awards for his work as a role model for other disabled police employees.

He has been a serving police officer for 20 years but four years ago suffered health complications which resulted in him losing nearly all his sight in his right eye. Since then he has suffered complications with his left eye, also affecting his vision. He was determined to retain his current position in the Force Communications Department and is now using specialist equipment to ensure he can still work effectively.

Chief Inspector Rook returned to work as soon as he could after losing sight in his right eye and since then has assisted with rebranding and setting up the first operations centre for the National Police Air Service, designed a new shift pattern which reduced sickness levels and brought in a replacement command and control system which saved the Force thousands of pounds.

He is also an executive member of the West Yorkshire Police Disability Association, a role in which he engages with others and tries to break down disability barriers.

Chief Inspector Rook said: “It is humbling to receive such recognitions. What I am really pleased about, especially taking into account Eddie’s nomination, is that these awards shine the spotlight on the hard work my colleagues in Contact Management do every day behind the scenes.”

Police staff member Eddie McEvoy, who works as an Initial Contact Officer in the Force Communications Department, has been nominated for talking a potentially suicidal male off a bridge. He was off-duty at the time of the incident in January 2018.

Being an experienced call handler, Eddie was aware of the potential risks to himself of approaching an individual with mental health issues who was in crisis. However, he took the decision to stop at the scene, talked the male away from the barrier and walked with him off the bridge.

This is the second year in a row that Eddie has been nominated for a Control Room Award.

Senior Contact manager Tom Donohoe said: “The APD Control Room awards are an important way to recognise those staff who work tirelessly and with dedication and commitment, but are not always in the public eye.

“I am delighted that for the second year running West Yorkshire Police have been nominated. It’s great to be in company with unsung heroes from other police forces, the fire service and smbulance service.

“These awards are a great way to recognise all the work that these staff do, day in and day out.”

Source – West Yorkshire Police

Sajid Rashid BEM has won the ‘One to Watch’ award at the seventh annual British Muslim Awards.

A Burton-on-Trent philanthropist has won the ‘One to Watch’ award at the seventh annual British Muslim Awards.

Sajid Rashid BEM is regarded as one of Britain’s most inspirational figures scooping many of the UK’s top national accolades including The National Diversity Awards & JCI UK’s Ten Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) awards.

“It’s an honour and privilege to accept this award. Firstly I would like to thank the Lord almighty for

everything he has blessed me with and congratulations to all the finalists and winners, win or lose, in my eyes you are all winners. It people such as yourselves that put the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain,” said Sajid.

The awards were held at the Bradford Hotel with more than 300 of the most remarkable British Muslims shortlisted as finalists.

The awards were held to recognise a wide range of achievements from outstanding Muslim individuals across the UK who positively impact business, charity, sport, arts, culture, religious advocacy, education and medicine among others, and simultaneously and unknowingly battle negative stereotypes every day.

The awards endeavour to showcase the strength of the British Muslim community, the impact it has on culture and its achievements over the last year as well as highlighting the significant role Muslims play in contributing to a better Britain.

Irfan Younis, CEO of Oceanic Consulting said: “I’d like to congratulate all the winners and every finalist from the seventh British Muslim Awards 2019. Every year I think we’ve seen the best the British Muslim community has to offer but every year I’m blown away by just how special the talent is and just how hard people work to service their communities. I already look forward to seeing what next year has to offer; I have no doubt that the Muslim community will continue to thrive and act as leaders for future generations to come.”

Source – www . Derby Telegraph . co . uk


“I didn’t think people like me would be allowed into Canary Wharf, let alone work there!” When you know that children feel this way, how do you walk away?

Those are the words of Nilesh B. Dosa, a finance professional at EY (Ernst & Young) and founder of ‘icanyoucantoo’, an organisation focused on creating better future work prospects and outcomes for non-privileged youngsters, a topic which he resonates with from personal experience.

Nilesh’s parents are from Tanzania and India and he grew up in a one-bedroom council flat in Newham where he did his schooling. As is often the case with immigrant children, the passion shared by his family to make the most of the potential and opportunity before them, meant Nilesh graduated with a first-class degree in finance; completed his chartered accountancy training at a Big-4 firm; worked in banking and then joined EY in 2014.

So far, so good, and indeed it is not a hugely uncommon story compared to others who have battled against the odds of their upbringing to achieve great things. However, Nilesh was diagnosed at birth, with a neurodegenerative condition called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) Disease. This meant, he grew up knowing that, whilst the symptoms hadn’t yet permeated his everyday life, he was a ticking time bomb who needed to fulfil his meaning, purpose, and potential to impact society.

Living With A Degenerative Disease 

CMT is a hereditary muscle-wasting condition which currently has no cure or medication. The condition, which has worsened over time, leads to patients suffering from constant pain and also experiencing ‘neurological fatigue’ – “days when getting out of bed genuinely feels impossible,” Nilesh explained to me.

“Whilst I was born with it, it’s only in the past three years, I’ve felt a significant deterioration in my condition, with both chronic pain and fatigue a daily feature”, he explains.

As a result of the deterioration in his physical health he also experienced a period of depression –  where he sought counselling and psychiatric support. This was due to a “multitude of reasons”, he explained, centred primarily with “worries about the future.”

“How quickly will my health deteriorate? Who will take care of my family and what legacy will I leave for them and the community? It was these big questions that, whilst not welcome at the time, caused a step change in his thinking that inevitably led to a more fulfilling path for his community.

“I have always been inherently dissatisfied – he explained. “I want to do as much as I can before my health begins to prevent me from making the impact that I desire! So, in January 2018, I took a 40% pay cut, went part-time at EY and created the capacity I needed to do more for the causes I love.”

I Can, You Can Too.

Nilesh has always had an overriding passion for supporting children and young people – an area he has volunteered in for almost the past two decades. Before creating ‘icanyoucantoo’ in 2016, he spent 10+ years volunteering with the global grassroots charity Swadhyay – empowering young people, through community-based projects, to foster social responsibility in their own lives. His aspiration had always been to facilitate social mobility and level the playing field for young people.

Having grown up in a deprived part of London himself, he understood first-hand the challenges faced by many children, young adults and their families. And so ‘icanyoucantoo’ was  born out of a frustration, a lived experience and a hunger to change things – because “it is unacceptable as it currently stands.”

Every child has a dream

“I fundamentally believe that every child has a dream – this is their birth right”, Nilesh tells me. However, as he explained, for too many, these don’t materialise not because of inability or inaptitude, but because of a postcode; an environment not conducive to aspiration, to achievement, to greatness.

“This is a modern-day tragedy!” he exclaims in a grandiose fashion that demonstrates how deeply his passion on the topic shines through. “These are limiting beliefs that I simply cannot accept. How do I look my own daughter, Mahi, in the eyes, knowing that this phenomenon exists on our doorstep!?”

Impacting Futures

Nilesh believes that not only what he is doing is different, but how he is doing it. From the very beginning his intention has been to create an initiative that was different to other corporate outreach programmes.

Traditionally, many companies deliver expert presentations on how to obtain a job at a top firm delivered by very slick, very inspiring speakers, but they don’t take it further – and this is where the real barrier lies. Nilesh explains “this programme isn’t about one-off presentations and interventions – we work withthe youngsters regularly and methodically to ensure that they imbibe the skills that will serve them in the future”.

“I am absolutely outcomes focussed”, he explains. The young and disenfranchised who once believed things like “I will never get to work at a company in Canary Wharf” are now working at EY, just like him. Others who were going to “find some 9-5 job” after college have gone on to university. “The children I work with, and their families, have become friends. I have been to their homes and shared a meal with their families and been to their place of worship and prayed with them”.


“So, what about outcomes thus far?” I ask, to the self-confessed outcome oriented community builder.

  • 30% of icanyoucantoo students have gained employment or secured an apprenticeship at a number of top-flight companies including EY, Deloitte, UBS, JP Morgan and Allen & Overy.
  • 70% of icanyoucantoo students have gone on to further education – studying accountancy, finance, law, medicine or the social sciences.
  • 100% of icanyoucantoo students fed back that their involvement in this initiative contributed to helping them decide what they wanted to do next.

Inspiring stuff indeed, and certainly a thought-provoking example of how others can serve their communities with a view to creating impact on the future careers of those around them.

Source – www . Forbes . com

England’s match with Switzerland will be broadcast in black and white to mark the 25th anniversary of football’s anti-racism campaign Kick It Out.

Sky Sports will show the first 25 seconds of the international friendly fixture at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium in monochrome, marking the first time in half a century that an England match has been broadcast in black and white.

Starting with the teams entering the pitch before the 8pm kick-off, the footage will switch from colour to recognise Kick It Out’s anniversary and the impact the organisation has made in addressing racism and discrimination since 1993.

Paul Elliott, The FA’s Inclusion Advisory Board Chairman, said: “Kick It Out have been a catalyst for the change in English football both on and off the pitch and we’re delighted to celebrate their inspirational work in promoting football for all.

“Hopefully the footage will encourage the millions of viewers at home to spend at least 25 seconds thinking about the importance of diversity in this beautiful game of ours.”

The FA has dedicated Tuesday’s fixture between England and Switzerland to Kick It Out with England players showing their support by wearing branded t-shirts in the warm up and entering the pitch with mascots nominated by the organisation.

Kick It Out was then established as a body in 1997 as it widened its objectives to cover all aspects of inequality and exclusion.

Lord Herman Ouseley, Chair of Kick It Out, said: “We hope the footage will be a powerful reminder of how far football has come in the last 25 years to make the game a more open and diverse place – welcoming to all regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.”

The FA has recently launched it’s ‘In Pursuit of Progress’ plan – a three-year focus designed to ensure better diversity ‘from boot-room to boardroom.’ By 2021 it aims to have 20% of its coaches coming from black or minority ethnic backgrounds.

Source – The Telegraph

“This is hard as I have difficulty writing about what I’ve done and what I am doing currently to help people but for the sake of gratitude to whoever nominated me I will do my best but in my own way.I was predicted to be a GCSE failure by one of my teachers in school and no teacher entered me into a higher tier exam. I believe there was a staff consensus that I wouldn’t do well in school or in life. While I write this I laugh as yesterday I received an email from a research associate Dr from Cambridge University asking me to come down to the uni and run a workshop. I guess what I’m trying to say is peoples negative perceptions cannot shape your future and those teachers who I believe systematically failed me didn’t shape mine.”

“I always ask myself imagine if those teachers believed in me, motivated me and built a relationship that inspired hope, what would my GCSE results look like but most importantly how would that have impacted me as a young black male growing up in south London, the same place where many of my peers growing up were murdered, incarcerated, substance addicts and low achievers.”

“So, my mantra is to save lives, but no just to save lives but to inspire hope and change. These core values have enabled me to sit on many boards, lecture at various educational institutions, contribute to helping those work with young people to find a way of working that motivates high aspiration while steering them away from poor decision making.”

“Most importantly the most significant achievement is the privilege to help young people. I learn so much from them and for that honour, I work as hard as I can to aid them forward. The funny thing about Youth Work the way I do it and so many other talented frontliners is that as much as we would like to we never switch off from the work but I constantly ask my esteemed colleagues in various other professions how can you switch off from saving lives or trying to improve them. How can you switch off from trying to save young lives, so the work continues for me with or without this award but I am very grateful to whoever nominated me and also to anybody who votes.”

“I end with one of my favourite verses from the holy Qur’aan “if anyone killed a person, it would be as if he killed the whole of mankind; and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole of mankind” (Qur’aan 5:32)

Source: Lambeth Life – Abdul Karim Abdullah

Former Alfred Salter Primary School deputy head Shaun Dellenty has been shortlisted for the LGBT role model award in this year’s National Diversity Awards.

A former Rotherhithe deputy headteacher who ‘came out’ as gay to his whole school in response to homophobic bullying has been shortlisted for a diversity award.

Shaun Dellenty, who left his post as deputy headteacher of Alfred Salter Primary School last year, has been shortlisted for the positive LGBT role model award in this year’s National Diversity Awards.

In 2009, in response to homophobic bullying in his own school, the 50 year old ‘came out’ to the whole school community and devised a pioneering training and awareness strategy ‘Inclusion For All’ for education staff in primary, secondary and faith schools.

Shaun has personally trained education staff and teachers in schools and at initial teacher training faculties, and also works with a range of teacher trade unions, local authorities, and anti-bullying, human rights and hate crime faith organisations.

On being shortlisted for the award Shaun, who fought off fierce competition from 24,584 other nominees, said: “Having followed the incredible an inspiring diversity and inclusion work that so many of this year’s nominees have been undertaking, I am incredibly humbled and honoured to find myself on the shortlist.

“We must never rest on our laurels in terms of furthering equality and seeking to bring education, understanding, compassion and acceptance to the richness of natural human diversity.

“Learning about our potential for prejudice as human beings from the earliest opportunity and working with it positively can defuse its toxicity.

“Sincere thanks to those who nominated my work or wrote testimonials – your support is hugely appreciated.”

The National Diversity Awards 2018 will be held at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on September 14.

To read more about Shaun’s work, visit:www.inclusionforall.co.uk

Source – Southwark News

La La Music UK and Klubkidz Productions have been jointly nominated for the Community Organisation #LGBT category of the National Diversity Awards 2018 #NDAwards.

The nomination recognises their national campaign from September to December 2017 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality – the Sexual Offences Act 1967. They wrote a charity single Love Is The Only Law and brought together the LGBTQI+ and straight community together to record a video plus run series of national and international events in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT). More info on www.loveistheonlylaw.com.

EastEnders legend June Brown MBE, Samantha Fox, Jaimy Hensley, 4 Poofs and a Piano and over 50 celebrities and young people joined in the production of the single. https://youtu.be/U0qIyZ-ECsc


It featured in over 40 national and local TV, radio and newspapers, they organised 4 major promotional events, achieved over 50K views on social media platforms, the single was included in the top 16 charity songs in 2017 and more importantly the campaign raised awareness about the importance of this special anniversary and LGBTQI+ issues in the society. The single also reached top 39 on iTunes charts, featured in the top 16 Christmas charity singles 2017 and raised a substantial amount for the project and AKT.

A bit more about the companies:

La La Music UK is an events and entertainment management company in the UK.

LLMU represents acts such as 4 Poofs and a Piano, a house-band from the Bafta award winning ‘Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC1’ www.4poofsandapiano.com

and La La Piano Bar – a New York style pop-up piano bar www.lalapianobar.com.

4 Poofs and a Piano are a comedy vocal quartet formed in 2000. They were the house band on the Bafta award winning BBC One chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross throughout the show’s run from 2001 to 2010.

The band performed their first gig at the Groucho Club. Since then, they have also performed at many corporate events, as well as Pride events and music festivals – including the Edinburgh Festival, Perth Festival, the Brighton Festival Fringe and Glastonbury Festival.

Due to renewed interest in the band, they have recently started performing again with successful shows at the Leadenhall Building in London for The Outward Bound Trust and also at the V&A for the HIM CTP awards as well as various other events around the country. https://youtu.be/vusLPqkT-yw

La La Piano Bar is a New York style pop-up piano bar hosted by David Roper from 4 Poofs and a Piano and the voluptuous Lady La La. They bring together a fantastic line-up of celebrity, West End and a host of local talented singers.

The event is an experiential show based on ‘New York piano bar meets Berlin’s cabaret clubs’ with vocal indulgence from some amazing singers with inclusive sing-alongs and audience requests, and appeals to all ages.

La La Piano Bar has taken its magic up and down the country from Leeds to Manchester, Brighton and even to Barcelona to a large international show. They have also played at various festivals such as Brighton Fringe, Brockley Max, Telegraph Hill, Pie Eyed festivals and entertained large crowds. https://youtu.be/cs-xGs13hSk


Klubkidz are a pop dance music remix, production and songwriting team.

Their brand of uplifting commercial dance has given them a string of international single and album releases alowing them to team up with Iconic contemporary artists including Viola Wills, Hazell Dean, Lonnie Gordon, Nicki French and Cilla Black.


Klubkidz early production releases included the platinum selling album ‘Forever Bond’ for Klone/Rumour records – a collection of House and Hi NRG covers of Classic Bond Themes brought to life by vocalists Soraya Vivian, Kelly Lorenna and Hannah Jones.

Their more recent album ‘Klubkidz Eurovision Songbook’ was released on Almighty records and saw the boys collaborating with pop bands Scooch and Tight Fit as well as Old Skool Diva Angie Brown. It also allowed then to work with more current ‘X factor’ and ‘Britains Got Talent’ finalists.

Klubkidz are at present writing and recording a new album with Legendary dance artist ‘Rozalla’

Klubkidz latest single on Almighty records is a remake of Sylvester classic ‘Do You Wanna Funk’ by Lady Bee and features a fantastic video and a remix package from international DJ Cutmore.

The new Klubkidz label launched with the ‘Love is the only law – 50 years legal’ charity single for Albert Kennedy Trust that featured a whole host of LGBTQI friendly stars including Jaymi Hensley, Marcus Collins, Tina Cousins, 4 Poofs and a Piano and a cameo from June Brown MBE.


For further enquiries please contact: info@lalapianobar.com

RadioReverb, Brighton & Hove’s not for profit radio station, has been shortlisted for the ‘Community Organisation Award: Multi-Strand’ at the National Diversity Awards 2018.

A total of 24,584 people have been nominated this year, with an astonishing 124 nominees being recognised for their various achievements nationwide.

Community organisations and role models from across the UK will head to the breath-taking Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 14th September to witness the country’s 2018 winners being crowned the best of British diversity.

A radio station with its ethos rooted in the Brighton community, RadioReverb aims to ensure the voices of local people are heard – especially if they are from social groups under-represented by the mainstream media.

RadioReverb produces a diverse range of speech and music programmes, including shows made by and for older people (At Home This Morning), people living with HIV (HIV Hour), people with learning disabilities (Carousel Radio) and the LGBTQ+ community (Out In Brighton). They also air Mental Health Matters, which explores issues surrounding mental health, and Sophie Cook Talks, a topical talk show presented by transgender broadcaster Sophie Cook.

Tracey Allen, RadioReverb director, said of the nomination: “We are tremendously proud that RadioReverb has been shortlisted for the Diversity Awards. RadioReverb takes diversity very seriously and are proud to give voices to marginalised communities, so to be recognised for this – and in such a competitive category – is truly an honour”.

Designed to highlight the country’s most inspirational and selfless people, the NDA’s continue to gain endorsements from high profile figures such as Stephen Fry, Sir Lenny Henry CBE and Graham Norton.

Radio 2 presenter and Scissor Sister favourite Ana Matronic will host this year’s ceremony alongside television presenter Brian Dowling. Reflecting on the forthcoming celebrations, Ana said; “I’m delighted to be hosting the 2018 National Diversity Awards in Liverpool for the second year in a row.

“Last year’s event was a true celebration of diversity across every area and nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to be a part of this prestigious event! I can’t wait to meet all of the nominees and winners!”.

Find out more about RadioReverb shows at www.radioreverb.com.

To purchase tickets for this years National Diversity Awards please click Here

Source – The Giving Times


An inspirational man born with brittle bone disease has been shortlisted for a prestigious award.

Stuart Thompson, from Mersea, is one of eight finalists in with a chance of winning the Positive Role Model Award for Disability at the National Diversity Awards.

Community organisations and role models from across the country will head to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on September 14 to see the winners crowned.

Mr Thompson, 42, said: “I am immensely flattered to have been shortlisted for this award, in particular for the work I do with young people and adults with anxiety.

“As a person who has faced many physical challenges who has grown up looking very different to those around me, I know how hard it can be to feel confident and not be afraid.

“I hope this nomination allows me to reach more people and demonstrate how it’s possible to live with confidence.”

Stuart was born with brittle bone disease, a life-limiting disability which has caused him to break almost every bone in his body at some point.

He is three and a half feet tall and uses a wheelchair.

He said: “As a child something would break simply by being picked up by my parents or when I was sitting on the floor.

“Now as an adult I probably break a bone about five times a year.

“As a child it was fine as I didn’t know I was any different, but as an adult I had to learn to find my own voice.”

Stuart started his career as a social worker and now works as a hypnotherapist and anxiety specialist.

He chooses to work mostly with children and young people experiencing anxiety or confidence issues.

He said: “You find confidence within yourself when you realise you have something worth saying.

“We can overcome how we look and how we feel.”

He received more than 40 nominations for the award, all from clients.

He added: “A lot of parents wrote nice things about work I have done with their children, the youngest being six.

“I don’t believe children need endless therapy, and most anxieties can be overcome with a few techniques.”

Johnson & Johnson have recently been announced as headline sponsors of the pioneering awards.

Designed to highlight the country’s most inspirational and selfless people, the NDA’s continue to gain endorsements from high profile figures such as Stephen Fry, Sir Lenny Henry CBE and Graham Norton.

Radio 2 presenter and Scissor Sister favourite Ana Matronic will host this year’s ceremony alongside television presenter Brian Dowling.

To view a full list of nominees visit www.nationaldiversityawards.co.uk/shortlist.

Source: Gazette News



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