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Sajid Rashid BEM

  • 3 years ago
  • written by NDA


2016 Positive Role Model Award for Age

At the age of only 26, Sajid Rashid is one of the youngest people ever to have been awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for his tireless fundraising and profound impact on the community. Sajid started volunteering at Staffordshire Youth Service and quickly progressed to become a Millennium volunteer after helping young people around East Staffordshire set up youth centres in his spare time. He then moved his focus to Uxbridge Community Centre where he became chairman, and then vice-chairman, allowing him to improve the venue and the community. Working for Rolls Royce as well as a private pilot license holder, it has enabled Sajid to impact both his local and wider community, and has allowed him to explore STEM fields in order to inspire young minds. Sajid has raised over £10,000 for Gaza and Palestine through skydiving.


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