2018 Entrepreneur

Rossie Stone

  • 7 months ago
  • written by NDA



Rossie Stone is an artist with dyslexia who after his own struggles at school, discovered the benefit of turning his study notes into comics. Upon graduating, Rossie founded Dekko Comics, a company that creates educational comics that put just as much focus on being entertaining as being educational. The company was started after a successful crowdfunding campaign which aimed to raise £10,000; due to expanding support and enthusiasm, the project raised a successful £13,160. With that money, Rossie and his team released their first two issues of Dekko Comics which were independently printed. They’ve since started a monthly subscription service, begun creating commissions for councils and charities, and have delivered workshops to schools across the country encouraging people to find their own entertaining methods of learning. Dekko is one of a kind, catching the attention of parents and children worldwide.


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