RadioReverb has been Brighton & Hove’s local, not-for-profit radio station for the past 11 years, dedicated to providing a stimulating forum for learning and the expression of local ideas. They’re committed to community cohesion through broadcasting shows that reflect the diverse communities that make up the area. Their core value is to provide open access to radio for people under-represented, misrepresented or invisible in mainstream media. This remarkable station broadcasts 24/7 on 97.2FM, DAB+ and online and has a listenership of approximately 30,000 people, with a potential global reach, thanks to their online stream, listen-again service and podcasts. To date, they have provided a platform for numerous pioneering and award-winning shows, including Carousel, a show made by and for people who have learning disabilities, and Sophie Cook Talks, the station’s second trans-presented show.

We spoke with Tracey Allen at RadioReverb after they won The Community Organisation Award for Multi Strand at The National Diversity Awards 2018. Here’s what they had to say:

What were your thoughts on the other shortlisted nominees within your category?

It was superb to be amongst such a diverse range of groups and it made me aware of great work that I didn’t know was going on.

What were your thoughts after winning The Community Organisation Award for Multi Strand?

Wow! Unbelievable! What an honour!  Thank you – this is a massive achievement for such a small organisation.

What reaction have you received from supporters/fellow employees since winning the award?

Everyone is ecstatic and we have had fabulous praise from other media organisations, locally.

Now that you have won a National Diversity Award, where are you going to go from here? What are your next steps?

We are now looking at what we do, but more importantly at what we don’t do and how we can further improve, so that we can keep our title with pride.

In your own words, how do you feel the work you are carrying out is making a difference?

Giving marginalised groups a voice is central to what we do and we know it makes a difference, even if sometimes it’s not popular. It raises awareness and brings new support.

Why do you think it is important to highlight Diversity, Equality and Inclusion?

It’s important to educate, inform, give support and help groups to have a stronger voice.

Who or What is your inspiration?

The team at RadioReverb!

What were your thoughts on The National Diversity Awards Ceremony? Did you enjoy your evening?

It was everything I wanted it to be!

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