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Chris O'Hanlon | Positively UK | London, UK
Positive Role Model (LGBT)

Gay Men's Project Lead Chris O'Hanlon has been nominated for Positive Role Model of 2019 at the National Diversity Awards. Chris is a HIV activist and health promoter who is committed to improving the lives of the gay community and is an advocate of highlighting those living with HIV. As part of his role at Positively UK, Chris has worked in promoting greater emphasis on the mental and physical health of the gay community creating workshops and events designed to help improve social isolation and well-being.

Chris was diagnosed HIV positive in 2015 and since then has worked diligently to create platforms and social media for gay men, helping to educate, support and inspire through the workshops and events he organises in his role as Gay Men's Project Lead.

"The journey from my own HIV diagnosis made me realise how fortunate I was to receive such amazing care and support from HIV services, particularly when my father was terminally ill. So I've made it my mission to continue supporting and helping others through their diagnosis but also in helping to improve the confidence of gay men that I work with in improving their social connection and well-being. I think it's fair to say that I never thought I would come to terms with my HIV diagnosis or be supporting the gay community however it's a mantle that I have accepted and feel very fortunate to be a part of our community promoting health and well-being. I work as part of a team of incredibly committed and determined people who care about making an impact. Through peer support and creating platforms for change and education via social media there are so many ways of helping the gay community realise that living with HIV and living well is achievable. Our workshops promoting wellness and physical health through Yoga, Mindfulness, Chem use and Nutritional awareness have been successful in bringing together the gay and msm communities. I realise that our cultural and economical experiences sometimes differ but our collective need to support our community is so important and its a journey I am committed to."

Chris writes for Boyz Magazine and occasionally appears on Talk Radio with Matthew Wright

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