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ALISTAIR SOYODE | BEN Television | London, UK
Positive Role Model (Race, Faith & Religion)

Alistair Soyode (FCPA) is the founder of Bright Entertainment Network (BEN) television, the first Ethnic and African-Caribbean-focused television channel in Europe and operating in the United Kingdom.

BEN TV's mix of entertainment, news and general programs has been a source to millions in the Diaspora of the events, programmes and project on the African continent, the Caribbean and BME in the United Kingdom.

He is also a former Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDOE) in Europe. An organisation set up by the government in 2000 to unites and bring together Nigerians living abroad contributing towards the development of the country.

Alistair is currently a leader of African and Nigerians in Diaspora leadership forum and Mentoring Cmdt of Diaspora Mentoring Corp. A Fellow of Institute for Local Government and Public Administration..

As an initiator of the African Business Roundtable ( He was instrumental to the publishing of Invest Africa, in association with NEPAD Business Group.

Mr Soyode is a pivotal member of the UK’s black community, bridging the gap between the mainstream and grass-roots. He is an Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Broadcaster and Sport Enthusiast.

BEN Television has been the transmitting arm of few leading broadcasting channels from Africa and the Caribbean into Europe. He has facilitated for the arrival of other broadcasters into the European market and industry.

A much-sort-after speaker, where he takes delight in speaking, advising the entertainment and media industries as well as sharing fundamental ideas and policies needed to make the industry more competitive from an ethnic perspective. His platform has been a focal point to the emergence of African and BAME icons within entertainment and musical artistes in the Diaspora.

A self-motivated and taught person, well-organised with practical experience in Management, Media Broadcasting, New Age Techonology; Content Production; Business Development & Consultancy, Sales, PR Project Management, Research and Sport Management Executive.

He has created jobs and employment opportunities for many. Still willing always to help and build potentials.


CNN International feature a documentary on him - titled “From farming student to TV network CEO to commemorate the Nigeria’s Golden Jubilee

He has received so many awards both at home in the UK, Europe and global for his contribution to the diversity and inclusion of ethnic issues in the UK. He has also met many global Head of states, Leaders and Her Majesty the Queen.

He is a role model cutting across various ethnic groups.

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