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Taraki | Birmingham, UK
Community Organisation (Race, Faith & Religion)

Taraki is a movement which wants to reshape how Punjabi communities approach mental health.

Started in October 2017 as a male mental health project, Taraki has developed leaps and bounds since its founder, Shuranjeet Singh, started working full-time for the initiative in August 2018.

Taraki translates to 'progress' in Punjabi and several other South Asian languages and that is the exact journey Taraki wishes to take with those they work alongside. Discussions around mental health can sometimes not acknowledge or represent the diverse experiences of British society; sometimes, individuals and communities can feel as though their voices are not being heard amongst the swathes of discussions, podcasts, news articles, and campaigns.

Taraki looks to change this with respect to Punjabi communities. Through a multi-pronged approach to mental health awareness, education, and support, Taraki engages a variety of stakeholders ranging from students, community activists, faith leaders, healthcare providers, and most important of all, members of Punjabi communities around the country.

Taraki works alongside universities to deploy mental health awareness workshops, they work alongside faith centres to deliver talks and longer-term support projects, and they work in cities to craft open forums for educating Punjabi communities about mental health.

Alongside this, Taraki has engaged with numerous media outlets to discuss its work and raise the profile of Punjabi communities' discussions around mental health. At a local, national and international setting, Taraki is trying to ignite discussions so Punjabi communities can take a hold of their collective mental well-being and take ownership of changing it for the better.

The breadth of their work can be viewed on their website:

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