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Jason Kattenhorn | Sassify Zine | Banbury, UK
Positive Role Model (LGBT)

I ‘came out’ as pansexual quite late in life after falling in love with a man having been in previous loving heteronormative relationships in the past.The prospect of having to tell people filled me with dread, however unlike many obstacles countless young queer people go through to find their true selves, my family and friends embraced me for who I am.

I still struggle with inherently learnt internal homophobia, I did not have many people in the media I could relate to, however there was a fire within me to be more open about myself and to explore, create and commission more intersectional artwork and queer representation in the media.

In 2016 I created Sassify Zine, A Not- For-Profit Queer culture print magazine and online features website. Sassify is a platform to explore lowbrow art and sassiness, and it is the only print magazine that uses LGBTQ+ art and up and coming LGBTQ+ artists at the forefront of what we do to advocate for meaningful change.

I run Sassify around my full time job in a school, which enables me to fund the commissioning of artwork from LGBTQ+ artists, as well as covering the printing and distribution costs of delivery such a diverse magazine to my local community and the world. I am dedicated to highlighting the good and bad issues that the LGBTQ+ community face through art, interviews and online features, and after 6 issues I feel I am slowly making small but lasting changes.

With each passing issue I am still unsure whether the fight for better queer education and acceptance will ever be truly won, however, it is an ever-shifting battle, one that we have to face together. Collaboration, not competition is key and I hope Sassify can provide that outreach for all facets of the queer and non-queer communities wanting to learn and celebrate what LGBTQ+ creatives can offer to the world.

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