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Torron-Lee Dewar BCAa | Alliance Dance Unit | Brentford, UK
Community Organisation (Age)

The ADU Charity specialise in targeting knife crime, ASB, self harming and depression through early intervention services in the arts. Since establishing, we have engaged with 1000's of people from a multitude of backgrounds and ages. ADU is a charity that prides itself of being unique and striving to transform lives is one of our key values.

The founder Torron-Lee Dewar BCAa has projected expressive innovation through his artistry both nationally and internationally. Recently written, "Creativity is Everything" is Torron-Lee's new book which focuses on psychological wellbeing based on real life experiences in becoming open minded to deflect the chaos of modern day society whilst converting negativity into meaningful, fearless energy. These passages were developed in the hope of motivating others to take control of their lives regardless of current circumstances.

At a time where knife crime is at an all time high in our city, we truly understand the importance of being consistent. Nothing ever happens overnight which is why we push to give 110% at all times. Despite facing various setbacks throughout the years whether it be financially, resourcefully or other, we always turn up rain or shine to open the doors to those who rely on our services... those who depend on artistic, motivational energy to get them through. Ultimately, we strive to build more good role models to outweigh the current bad ones by transforming the anti-social / negative mindsets held by individuals.

Currently, our charity are working in partnership with the local council to establish a permanent facility that we are operate our services from. This will allow us to multiply our current service rate and reach an even wider spectrum of people.

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