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Lonsdale School | Stevenage, UK
Community Organisation (Disability)

Lonsdale School is a special school in Stevenage for physically and neurologically impaired young people. There are currently 104 pupils on roll, all of whom have an EHCP. Pupils are aged between 3 and 18 years, and Lonsdale offer Nursery to Post-16 provision. Every one of our pupils has unique and sometimes complex needs. In addition to a physical or neurological impairment, some pupils may have a sensory loss, a medical condition or associated difficulty in learning. The school’s catchment area is extensive. It extends beyond Hertfordshire and includes London and other neighbouring boroughs. Our school provides school-to-school support to local secondary schools and other partners such as CMAT for help with their SEND provision and access arrangements for exams. School works alongside numerous other professionals and services. It also has NHS provision onsite including nurses, speech and language, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.
School has an educational residential provision (REP) for up to 19 pupils to stay each night between one and four nights per week. Within two years, the school aims to become a hub for SEND advice and school-to-school support for the local area. Lonsdale School has an onsite counsellor, a music and play therapist providing support for pupils and their families. School is working closely with our co-located neigbouring school, Marriotts, and its leadership team to explore further co-production opportunities.

Our children and young people at Lonsdale tell us they work with staff and teams who knows them as individuals, are committed to and passionate about how and what they learn, and truly believe they can do even more. Our students want to try everything, no holds barred. At Lonsdale School we celebrate everyone’s success and encourages every individual to reach for greater heights in all areas of their development.
In our busy and happy Lonsdale community, children, parents, staff and governors work closely alongside each other. We are a school with a focus upon innovation and development in education in its broadest sense.
We are fully committed to professional development of all our staff and believe in and work with a child-centred, holistic approach believing that every pupil can achieve and make good and better progress from their individual starting points. We are a lively, contemporary and warm-hearted school. The purpose of our school is to prepare our pupils so that they thrive, succeed and find happiness in their adult lives. We are sending our young people into a fast changing world, and we want them to take advantage of all the opportunities that will be open to them.
We want our pupils to achieve the best they can in their studies, but we also want them to develop character and a positive approach to their lives alongside their study. Our school is a community, and we believe that young people learn as much from each other as they do from the people supporting them. We believe that our pupils learn as much in their activities outside the classroom as they do in lessons. We support our pupils and their families to know and apply their rights and entitlements as citizens. And we want them to live as full members of our society with respect and tolerance for others. We are committed to provide opportunities for pupils and staff to take part in outdoor learning, trips and visits to extend their understanding of the world in which they are living, challenge their thinking, encourage them to communicate to different audiences and be brave when in new situations. We encourage pupils to engage with collaborative activities, charitable and/or fundraising events and clubs to a make difference in their communities and to become active citizens in their community and the world. We believe that we are stronger together and we have so much we can learn from each other. Lonsdale pupils and staff are encouraged to reach out to access learning in different environments and to network. This means taking part in a wide range of community activities and events.

Lonsdale School is a WAS (Wellbeing Award for Schools) Award School, and we promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for all members of our school community. We engage in a variety of local networks, such as the Herts Green Network, the DSPL ASD Network and the Early Years networking.Our innovative curriculum reflects the time and society we live in and meets the diverse needs of all our learners. Our 'New Horizons' assessment is shared with other schools across the country to support learners with SEND. We work closely with examination boards to ensure access arrangements are in place to allow our pupils to achieve in public examinations. As a pdnet Champion School, we promote and aim to deliver training courses for professionals and parents using high quality pdnet resources.

Please come and visit us or take a look at our website!

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