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Shane Board | Pop 4 Diabetes | Poole, Dorset, UK
Positive Role Model (Disability)

Despite his own health issues Shane has always put others first in his fundraising mission and by raising awareness of Type 1 Diabetes as well as proving to other young people with Diabetes that having a lifelong condition does not stop you living a fulfilling life. Shane struggled with his diagnosis at age ten but despite that he wanted to help make things right for everyone else and raise funds for medical research into finding a Cure for Diabetes he works tirelessly through the night sometimes to fit everything in but will always put others before himself and if that means hardly any sleep then so be it. The lovely thing about him is how humble he is and doesn’t think he does anything out of the ordinary but there are so many others who would say different. He has an incredible caring attitude to others. Shane is someone who lights up a room just by being in it. He could have so easily gone the other way when diagnosed with Diabetes but i feel he has made something positive from something negative .He believes that everything is meant to be and maybe he’s right as him having Diabetes has made a big impact on Fundraising and awareness as well as joining lots of people from all over the world together by making his Talk Diabetes website. He is not someone who wants everyone to know what he does, he is so private and unless others said things no one would know the true dedication he has to his charity fundraising. He built his website because he felt that sometimes when alone at night he felt afraid of what the future holds and being able to log on to somewhere to chat was something that would help people cope when they are feeling low about life. Shane records tracks,always original and about living with something but never letting it stop you following your dreams. Shane has put on a number of events throughout the community and always gets other performers to take part and has a number of celebrity guests support his events
Life has not been easy and Diabetes was hard for Shane to deal with in his teenage years,causing so much stress on himself and his family ,but he never let how he was feeling show to the rest of the world...He had Diabetes but Diabetes didnt have him.!
At age eighteen he had a wake up call when he was told that unless he changed his ways and started to accept he had Diabetes and needed to take care of himself ,He would be blind by his twenties...This was when he realised it was time to accept that he was not invincible and he needed to start looking after himself and not continue to be in denial....This was happening to him and thousands of others across the world...Time to make changes!
This made Shane change overnight ,he started to deal with what was happening and he impressed the Hospital consultants so much by the changes he made.
Diabetes UK heard about this and ask him if he would be a motivational speaker at their annual conference in Nottingham.
Of course he agreed ,if his story could help just one person then it was worth it !
He did a fantastic job of the speech and even admitted in public that he had a phobia of needles ,something he had only ever told his parents before,this was the start of a new life for Shane,one where he would inspire others with what he had been through and help people to realise its ok not to be ok sometimes and they are not alone.
He had a standing ovation from this speech and when he returned home he had so many emails congratulating him on his speech and saying how much he has helped others just by talking about it.From that day life became very busy for Shane,the next speech was for The Mayor of London,s Annual Ball in The Hilton Hotel London .
He went accompanied by one of his famous friends as his guest and he did another speech and also performed some of his music tracks.
He was asked to judge a childrens drawing competition in a Diabetes centre in a London Hospital and then asked to host an event in Soho ,Life became crazy for Shane !
There were so many events that there was hardly any time for Shane ,he was working for a IT company during the Day and weekends and evenings doing his charity work.
This became hard to juggle so he left his job and set up his own IT company which made it easier to be able to take time out for his charity commitments and work around that ,and this is how it is still today.
He now runs a very succsesful business and sometimes works well into the night so he can fit all he wants to do in.
In 2015 Shane was awarded a British Citizens Award at Westminster Palace and was one of the first people to receive this and was also chosen as an official Ambassador for them.
This was for his commitment and dedication to helping others with Diabetes and fundraising to help medical research make life easier for people with Diabetes until a cure is found.
He also records original music and all proceeds from sales go to the charity account and at the end of each year all is donated from anything that has been done during the year

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