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CliniQ health and well being service for the Trans and non-binary community | | London, UK
Community Organisation (LGBT)

CliniQ is the first holistic wellbeing and sexual health service for trans and non-binary people in UK and the rest of Europe. CliniQ is founded by trans people. Our service is delivered and developed by trans and non-binary people for our communities.
We have many wonderful people who self identify as cis gender and are vitally important part of our cliniQ team.

There was nothing like cliniQ in February 2012 when we opened. Since that time we have held five Trans Health Matters conferences with three being international with guest speakers from San Francisco, Mexico City and TGEU Berlin. CliniQ has changed the way that holistic wellbeing sexual health HIV services are now informed for trans and non-binary people.

We have presented at two Internatinal AIDS Conferences in Durban South Africa 2016 and Amsterdam 2016. We worked in Bangkok and took part in an international document, Implementing Comprehensive and STI Programmes with Transgender People. We have been developing guidelines on collecting HIV and AIDS Recording System with Public Health England. For the first time ever we now have data on trans and non-binary people in the UK who are living with HIV. So services can be aware of the special needs of trans and non-binary oeople living with HIV, a stigmatised, marginalised and excluded group.

We also have a therapy centre with eleven consellors where we work to improve the holistic wellbeing and therapeutic needs of trans and non-binary people. We have individual and relationship counselling, group therapy, acupuncture, yoga and peer support. We are supporting many trans and non-binary people through life’s challenges often including the struggles of transitioning in a predominantly binary gendered society.

Our focus is on inclusion of all marginalised groups. BAME trans people face particular issues of exclusion, stigma and intersectionality with all aspects of life, cultural, societal and institutional. We are active in raising awareness and campaigning for inclusion of all trans and non-binary people in all health services, with a particular focus on HIV, sexual health and therapeutic wellbeing.

Our ethos is of trans people delivering and developing services, “by us for us”. We, as trans and non-binary people are often seen as passive receivers of services. We at CliniQ have demonstrated for seven years that we as trans people are professionals who have founded, developed and deliver a service for our communities.

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