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Sudaf choudhry | PAGE/ Come Brunch With Me | Luton, UK
Positive Role Model (Race, Faith & Religion)

I have been selected as an ambassador for charity PAGE (Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education) I have been promoting and fundraising to open schools throughout Pakistan to help bring down the illiteracy levels predominately statistics show these consists of females. I have been organising gala dinners throughout the UK to fundraise and allow us to open Girls schools in Pakistan so far we have raised money for 35 schools and our target for the year is 100 as part of a collective of charities allowing us to educate one million girls. One of the schools was funded by activities I arranged at a local community centre the school was pledged from the children of the UK to the children of Pakistan.

In addition to this I arrange community cohesion events including Let’s Eat which we hosted across 6 community centres open to all communities to bring dishes to share with neighbours, colleagues in a bid to build relationships and strengthen community networks. I also support the local soup kitchen and matrimonial events for those looking to get married.

I work with other charities including Human Appeal,Helping Little Angels, Penny Appeal to name a few whereby I fundraise or host to support events and build relationships within communities. I often like to take my two young children aged 5 and 6 to these events to show them The importance of charity and the results of it.

In addition to this I set up a monthly ladies networking session in a lighthearted environment with comedian Fatiha el Ghorri called “Come Brunch with Me” creating a space where ladies can try and work through post natal depression and just relax and make new friends through what can be a challenging time for professional females who have started a family and are on maternity leave or career breaks or having relocated. Our events had a space ladies can come with children enjoy great food, company, networking and entertainment in the daytime.

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