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Sue Terpilowski | Image Line Communications Ltd | London, UK
Positive Role Model (Gender)

Sue Terpilowski OBE started her own company the leading specialist logistics and supply chain PR, Marketing and Visual Events Agency Image Line Communications over 31 years ago. Image Line specialises in the freight, maritime & ports and materials handling sectors. Image Line helps tell and show its clients stories to a greater audience, creating brand awareness, and credibility. Giving them the ability to accelerate their growth and gain the right sales opportunities.

Sue was made a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in January 2018. Sue has been at the forefront of driving the diversity agenda in the maritime world for more than 30 years. She is the President of WISTA UK – part of the pioneering movement representing women working in shipping – and the Chair of Maritime UK’s Women in Maritime Task Force. Set up in January 2018, the Taskforce was established to address fairness, equality and inclusion within the maritime sector.

Much of the maritime sector has been historically male-dominated in ports and through to shipping roles often associated only with male seafarers. Sue Terpilowski is a leading advocate of defining equality in the shipping world and is a prominent voice in the drive to see fairness and inclusion recognised as important elements of future maritime operations. The figures speak for themselves - women at sea comprise only 2-3% of any workforce: 30% of land-based roles in the maritime sector are women but removing admin and office roles sees that figure plunge to less than 8%. Sue Terpilowski and the Taskforce believe this gap should be nearer the 60/40 split that would represent inclusion and an appreciation of the role women play in this vital global sector.

This drive to replace the emphasis on male involvement in the maritime sector with an inclusive workforce that respects and appreciates the important roles women play is a hard-fought battle. It is due to her involvement, enthusiasm and passion for the view that women deserve more than to be land-based maritime administrators, that has made her a respected voice in the sector. Her willingness not to accept the status quo has also been recognised by leading maritime players.

Despite the difficulties of changing the acceptance of the maritime sector as male-dominated, Sue Terpilowski has pushed on with the task of creating a greater awareness of the role women play in all its operations. Her devotion to the task and willingness to ‘fight her corner’ has been an inspiration to both genders in this industry.

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