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Educate & Celebrate | Educate & Celebrate | London, UK
Community Organisation (LGBT)

As an 'out' queer teacher, Elly devoted her career to changing the face of the education system by making nurseries, primaries, secondaries, colleges, universities and workplaces LGBT+Friendly. She began in 2005 whilst in post as Head of Year after seeing many young people struggling to be themselves and being accepted within the school community. Therefore she began delivering and developing accessible resources, providing training to teachers, delivering assemblies and creating a robust Award programme which would guarantee positive change and facilitate young people, families and teachers alike to be themselves without any fear of discrimination. She called the programme Educate & Celebrate and this has developed into the well-renowned charity it is today working with 100's of schools across the UK, channel Islands and Europe with a team of experienced trainers and academics.
In 2015, Educate & Celebrate spearheaded the pilot Anti-HBT bullying project with the Department for Education for which Elly received an MBE for her contribution to Equality and Diversity in Education informing best practice throughout UK schools. To further inform and respond to the needs of young people, teachers and families, Educate & Celebrate continued their close partnership with Goldsmiths University of London and together with Dr Anna Carlile wrote a book of all the research from the Educate & Celebrate Programme released in March 2018 called How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+Friendly Place: A Practical Guide for nursery, primary and secondary teachers.
Educate & Celebrate believes in building a future of inclusion and social justice and does this by equipping communities with the knowledge, skills and confidence to embed gender, gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric of your organisation and supporting them through the change process.
They say "Less fear, more action to create safe schools and workplaces'

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