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Titilayo Odunaiya | PACESTTERS BUSINESS EXPO | Liverpool, UK
Community Organisation (Multi-Strand)


Titilayo Odunaiya is a multi-award winner in the field of Hair, beauty and Event Management. she is the founder of Pacesetters Business Expo and the Creative Director of Temmyz Hair World. She is a Computer Science graduate but has ventured into the world of beauty and style. As an entrepreneur, she promotes other businesses in her community. Style, Elegance, Dignity and Beauty are concepts that drive her to serve others.

She started her Temmyz Hair business in 2013, with a passion to instil courage and self-confidence in today's women. She prides herself in the commitment to giving all customers access to superior quality hair extensions & wigs comfortable to serve the needs of women worldwide. Her wigs are custom handmade wigs. They are mostly braided wigs of different African styles, colour, texture and density customized for different individuals. Her passion lead her to launch Pacesetters Business Expo In 2017. Pacesetters Business Expo is an embodiment of Business, Entertainment & Events that bring about promoting one another.

Pace Setters Business Expo is a yearly event organised to bring Entrepreneurs, Start-up Ventures, Small Businesses together from different works of life to showcase their products and services in order to create awareness in the community. The event allows participants to be exposed to the latest Marketing Strategies in order to help project and maximize their business potentials.

Last Year she staged the first ever BME Business Expo in Merseyside. That event was well attended by all stakeholders; the business owners, the participants, buyers, sellers, the press, and above all the community who have never seen anything of the kind before right at their door.

The events also honours the people in the society who have set a good pace to be emulated by others.

Highlights and Objectives of the day will include -
• Fashion show (Catwalk)
• Special recognition awards
• Liverpool and neighbouring business exhibition stalls
• Magazine launch
• Guest speakers
• Business Pitching
• Television interview
• Social media networking and marking
• Raffle draw
• Entertainment
• Red carpet

Titilayo Odunaiya (Mrs)
Founder: Temmyz Hair World
Facebook: Temmyz Hair
Twitter: @temmyzhair

Founder: Pacesetters Business Expo
Facebook: Pacesetters Business Expo
Instagram:@pacesettersbizexpo Twitter: @psbexpo
LinkedIn: Pacesetters Expo

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