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Star Painter | Wiltshire parent carers support group | Westbury, UK
Community Organisation (Disability)

This amazing support group is an amazing support network running right across Wiltshire, I founded this group 7 years ago when my child was diagnosed with Autism looking for support and guidance, but what I found was much more than I was expecting, I am now part of a team of voluntary and committed parent/grandparent carers who have sought additional training to support families who like them needed support and guidance, adult learning has also been a great asset to our group as we have stong links with the Wiltshire's Family Learning team.
We have grown in so many aspects of support from having a chat over a coffee to now being able to offer practical support with our new lending libraries for books including Sensory items.
We have been able to connect parents to the right support in our area due to the dedication of our team to source resources.
We have pushed for inclusion in our community and the response has been very successful.
Our team have been very dedicated on top of being carers themselves to fundraise and support events for the families whom we support as we run our own family events from Arts and crafts, animal corner to our big Family Christmas party with Special educational needs being the centre of any of our decisions.
My journey of the Sen Maze led me to help others as it can be a very isolating journey of confusing words and despair.
7 years ago I was shell shocked upon finally recieving a diagnosis for our son who was only 2 years old after months of different assessments, we had moved away from our beloved home of Cornwall through seeking sustainable employment for my husband at this time so can you imagine how isolated i felt, i eventually sought support from Carers support Wiltshire whom suggested to start my own support group so i did.
Its been no easy task either whilst supporting my own Sen related family issues and including my own health and mental health.
This amazing groupthat keeps me going each and every day and I am proud to know each and every parent that we meet.

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