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Aduke Onafowokan | The Sister Sister Network | Reading, UK
Community Organisation (Gender)

About The Founder -

Aduke Onafowokan

Aduke has dedicated her time to helping women from all walks of life become transformational leaders. In 2016, she founded The Sister Sister Network, an organisation that aims to provide women with the opportunity to gain the insight, education, empowerment and inspiration required to achieve their personal goals and become leaders in their chosen fields. Through the Network and individually, Aduke continues to make a widespread contribution to the advancement of women in business, career and public life.

About The Sister Sister Network

The Sister Sister Network is a United Nations-affiliated organisation at the forefront, helping women become intentional leaders. It is a simple truth, advancing women into leadership is both good for business and good for society as a whole. Our mission is to empower women into leadership, ensure full leadership participation for women in business, career and public life and to help women build a strong network of like-minded leaders.

A Sister Sister Leader is someone who wants to learn, lead and leave a legacy.

We work with women to discover, nourish and utilise their talents and abilities to become a successful leader in business, career and public life.

Through carefully created programmes and events, we are committed to changing the trajectory of female leadership.

Who are our women?

Every Woman.

Our Programmes


Ideal for women of all ages and phases who want to advance in business, communities, careers and life.
Leadership For Women Forum enables women to build strong and clear visions, lead themselves and to lead others. We achieve this focusing your attention on the salient issues of today that are impacting your leadership and performance.

Our purpose is to offer you the skills, tools and essential understanding to transform your leadership and a unique network of unbelievably inspirational women in the community.


Strengthening Emerging Women Leaders

in Partnership with UNICEFonCampus, we run the Future Leaders Forum to empower young women in University to identify and develop their innate leadership potentials

The Future Leaders Forum promotes and develops emerging female leaders through leadership coaching and mentoring events. The Forum offers meaningful participation, speaking, and networking opportunities to Young Leaders


Our online portal offers women interested in leadership monthly leadership coaching and development in key areas such as self-leadership, vision, and leading others.

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