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Linda Riley | London, UK
Lifetime Achiever

I have dedicated most of my working life to promoting the values of equality, diversity and inclusion in the UK and beyond. My journey started in when I became publisher of the lesbian magazine g3, and soon after I added the gay men's title Out in the City to my portfolio. After leaving that publishing company, I bought DIVA magazine and returned the title to its much-loved community roots, adding new brands including Radio DIVA, the DIVA Music Festival, the DIVA Literary Festival and the DIVA Awards to the portfolio, dedicated to promoting the voices of women of all sexualities.

I have been a Stonewall Ambassador and a Patron of the Albert Kennedy Trust, and am a Board Member of the US LGBT campaign group GLAAD. I am also part of the Labour Party's Diversity Advisory Board, having been appointed by Dawn Butler MP, the Shadow Minister for Equalities.

I have 12 year old twins and have always been a champion of same-sex parenting rights. I founded the Alternative Parenting Show 10 years ago, and have always been a vigorous campaigner for the rights not only of two-mum and two-dad families, but also of the children of those families who often face bullying. This is one of the reasons I offer my time to Diversity Role Models.

People from minorities are often discriminated against in the job market and the workplace, and so in 2008 I founded the Diversity Careers Show. Shortly after, I co-founded Opportunities 4 Women, a series of events which empowers women to be the very best they can in the workplace.

I founded the European Diversity Awards ten years ago, a very prestigious Europe-wide event which works with government and business leaders to shine a light on those organisations and individuals who go the extra mile in promoting equality and inclusion in the workplace and in wider society. I also co-founded the British LGBT Awards, the Australian LGBTI Awards and the New Zealand LGBTI Awards.

I frequently run campaigns in the name of diversity. My 2017 campaign #No2LGBTHate, against the proliferation of hate speech on social media, reached 40,000,000 people and resulted in questions in Parliament. It led to a meeting with senior board members of Twitter who, within weeks, changed their policy. I ran a similar campaign in 2018 called #ComeOut2Play, encouraging gay male professional footballers to come out. The campaign was supported by millions of fans and officers of Premier League and Football League clubs in both the English and Scottish Leagues.

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