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Lanah P | London, UK
Lifetime Achiever

I Was born Among the neon lights and fish heads of Grimsby town in 1959 i am the youngest of six siblings and i came into the world out of the womb on a chaise lounge singing "i'm just an old fashion girl! not! really it was Starlight Express! ha!.But more prosaically i am initially the product of a borderline impoverished northern working class background whom by all accounts should never have achieved some of the great heights as i have, because my story is like many stories that came with the messaging continuously drilled into us of "You are not Enough! and black effeminate Paki N-ggers! burn in hell and any vilification of the abomination that is you! is acceptable and justified.
So in spite of the perpetual attacks on all of my intersections and systematic abuses from a twisted hetero dominant world i transmuted it all by transforming merde into manure, and focused on becoming a star!. In the late 70s at the tender age of 17 i did a cabaret act on the working men's club circuit all over the north and eventually met up with Mark E Smith of the Fall, i put together my own punk band called "The I Scream Pleasures" by the very early 80s and homeless i had moved down to London and into my first squat in Clapton pond but got chased out because of threats of death and rape by members of the national front.scared and frightened,homeless but still hopeful that i was going to make it, i moved to a squat in powis square during the time of the Notting Hill gate riots,But i was lucky enough Whilst dodging the molotov cocktails to have my rescue and support of imediate friends and neighbours Jimmy gardiner husband of Neil Bartlett,Bette Bourne and a young comic called Keith Allen{i was Lilleys first ever tranma!{even though gender is a myth} and thats the whole truth!} it was Keith that invited me to be part of the new prototype youth programme on the new c4 television was here that i met Peter Richardson producer and creator of the groundbreaking "The ComicStrip Presents" And in spite of the few times i did appear my presence in all of them made such a prodigious impact in 1983 they had written the movie "Eat The Rich" and i only realized id made it when the late Barry Norman did a film 87 special on me. in the interim Stock,Aitken and Waterman, KYLIE,S and Rick Astley,s producers as well as Divine And Peter Burns of Dead or Alive, had written what is now considered a hi-nrg disco classic called PISTOL IN MY POCKET it becamea number one dance floor smash hit especially in Australia and all over Europe "Pistol In My Pocket" was the sound track to millions of LGBTQ peoples lives and memories and most recently has been remixed by pop icons Vince Clark and Andy Bell of 1980,S And identifying as a transsexual for respectability politics i suppose,and against the prism of Thatchers right wing England as a leading disco diva
i used my profile to support diversity and fight with NHS nursing staff to defend cuts to gay men's health care and welfare from virginia bottomley the then health secretary it was damaging to all those dealing with A.I.D.S and H.I.V I did some voluntary work on the wards on a regular basis and was only too willing to lay down in a Trafalgar Square protest with NHS nurses to protest such nasty cruel anti-human cuts.In 1991 i regaled the nation and the rest of the Globe with the couplet"LET THE CARNIVAL BEGIN EVERY PLEASURE EVERY SIN" a collaboration i did with Bristol Funkster Gary Clail and the On-U-Sound System it went top 10 and saw me on the bbc,s iconic chart show Top Of The Pops three times! and the ITV chart show for six consecutive weeks and the MTV chart show for couplet was even heard playing in the bar of East Enders Queen Vic and in the background of Will And Grace,more recently i have appeared in a play with Andy Bell of Erasure at the Above the Stag theatre i have played Welsh Singing Legend Dorothy Squires 2nd wife of 007 Roger Moore my career has spanned every medium from stage,film,chart recording and radio presentation for the bbc world service and sell out cabaret and concert shows.So i suppose my message is that regardless of how deep the hurt how much they want to knock your confidence,NO PERSON,PLACE OR THING,HAS ANY POWER OVER were born to be triumphant so love yourself be kind stand in the truth of whom you are in spite of not being an Archetype or not possessing the correct social currency before they let you in,you give in give out BUT YOU MUST NEVER GIVE UP, and don't allow fear to take you away from your playful heart or live your life in fear disguised as practicality,And remember that HAPPINESS is not the absence of problems or worries it is to be undefeated no matter what we may face.And this happiness is not solely focused on oneself,Truly happy are those that can help others become happy regardless of sex creed colour genders or politics.

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