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Deborah Jay Kelly | | London, UK
Celebrity of the Year Award

*Deborah Jay Kelly* has been in the spotlight for On-Stage Presenting, Red Carpet Hosting, Modelling, Creative Directing and Acting since she was 17 years old. She started by dancing on Top Of The Pops along with numerous Music Videos. Having choreographed 40 Fashion Shows for Charity she began her long standing career in Television. Deborah Jay Kelly is now a familiar face of Reality TV, Film, Fashion Presenting, Hosting, Red Carpet Interviews, Modelling, Catwalk and Dance on an International Scale. She has hosted ‘The Islamabad Fashion Week’ in Pakistan, ‘The Miss Africa Diaspora’ in Houston ‘Ladies of All Nations International’ in Morocco and has currently been the Presenter and Host for some 500 Fashion and Charity related events. Winning 8 awards and recognition's in 2018 including a BEFFTA Award for her ‘Contribution to the World’ which was a dream come true for her, she also Won her first International Pageant at the age of 50! She currently works with 32 charities of Diversity for Sierre Leone, Cancer in Africa, Diabetes and Sickle Cell and she sponsors two African Children as well as being the London Ambassador for 'Ladies of All Nations International' 'Everyone has a heart and a soul and as such we should all respect one another because we are all one and I only wish I could do more!' Deborah has also been an International Spokeswomen for Women of all Cultural backgrounds in Seminar/workshop and in parliament. She is working on a high profile TV show to be aired in the Summer.
Currently mentoring young aspiring Presenters and launching her 2nd Academy this year she can be contacted on:

Deborah also owns an Academy called 'The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training' which she founded in 2003 amidst a growing need for mentoring young women to achieve high level accreditation in Beauty and Aesthetics.She has currently trained over 1000 young ladies who have progressed into high profile positions in Salon, Spa and 5 star Cruise Ships.

She has written 7 published books and is currently writing an 8th relating to the Beauty Industry.

'Best Presenter' 2018
'BEFFTA 2018
'Best TV Personality' 2017
'This is a blessed journey that we are on when we know our purpose in life' xx

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