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The Florrie | The Florence Institute | Liverpool, UK
Community Organisation (Multi-Strand)

The Florrie is a community venue at the heart of Liverpool 8 since 1889. Our stunning grade II listed Victorian building first opened as a boys club serving the young working and unemployed of south Liverpool. Over the years it provided a range of leisure, recreation and educational services to the local community before finally closing its doors and falling into total disrepair in the late 1980s.

In 2005 The Florence Institute Charitable Trust Ltd was established. The trust was a voluntary; community led organisation whose dedication and hard work over the next 5 years secured funding for the restoration of this historic building. After +20 years of rot and multiple fires building work finally started in 2010. As a grade II listed building, specialist contractors were used to ensure the integrity of the venue was retained whilst being developed into a multi-purpose space that would serve the needs of the community and city for years to come. Two years later on on 1st of April 2012 we finally reopened to the public.

Now our magnificent building is once again providing a fully accessible and sustainable hub of activities which benefit the local community. We have over 30 hours of activities every week covering a range of arts, fitness and educational classes. Our community hub draws on the skills of our local volunteers to lead the classes and is based around requests from our community. People of all ages from a huge range of backgrounds now use and enjoy our building every week. Our guitar group has a massive 67 years between it's oldest and youngest members. We have an open door policy and everyone is always welcome at The Florrie.

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