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Joss Simmons | Jossy Care Limited | London, UK
Positive Role Model (Gender)

Described as the UK’s leading ‘super manny’, Hackney’s Joss Cambridge-Simons is taking modern childcare to the next level.

Multi-talented Joss Simmons is the founder of Jossy Care, a childcare service that has set tongues wagging. Now frequently invited to deliver motivational talks on topics such as depression, domestic violence, children and the future, Joss is defying the odds to give back to the next generation.

Witnessing his mother suffer domestic violence had a profound effect on Joss. However, his positive approach is what is gaining him the attention of parents, practitioners and the media. His finger firmly on the pulse, Joss knows only too well where many children who have the odds stacked against them end up. “I know people who have experienced similar situations to me or even worse. They are functioning but have turned to the roads, or use drugs, alcohol and even sex as a vice.” Dealing with domestic violence was an introspective process. In the early part of 2017, Joss gave his first public talk about his experiences and hasn’t looked back.

Keen to address the stereotypes in the childcare industry, Joss has spoken out on the topic of male nannies being refused jobs on the basis of their gender and the difficulties they face.

‘Over time i’ve realised being a male in the industry I am in isn’t the norm. This is why I have set about breaking stereotypes and changing culture.’

Recently Joss was featured in Timeout, Hackney Gazette and East London Radio.

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