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Louis Johnson BCyA | Wolverhampton, UK
Positive Role Model (Age)

My name is Louis Johnson BCyA I am 12 years old and have been fundraising for almost 9 years. I have raised almost £20,000 for various charities. By doing walks,memory walks,selling handmade cards,my sellout cupcakes,Tombolas,doing Tea parties,Halloween parties and organising a stall event and raffles and going in a bath of baked beans for 1 1/2 hours.I have donated Sleeping bags for the Homeless and food and gifted my toys and clothes to children less fortunate than me, Also playing elf at christmas time for local Children. I am doing a 15+ mile walk in April for Birmingham children’s hospital this is a huge challenge for me. In March I am flagging Dudley MIND rideout.I am also doing the paintblast for Compton Care as well as their memory walk which i have been doing for 9 years.The fundraising I do I get to meet a lot of people and one Ken always came to see me at my events,he was in his 80's we had that special bond sadly he died and he left me his earphones and well known waist coat he worn and loved which i cherish, some people i have met and become good friends with are still fighting. I met 3 years ago a 3 year old boy named Ben he has Ewing’s sarcoma we became like brothers Ben's parents was told last January he only had 6 months to live I was so sad and spent as much time as i could with Ben having some days out and seeing him at his home,but it made me want to fundraise more I wanted to let him have a garden when i first met him and he moved in to his new home so I made cakes to sell so he could have a garden then I started fundraising for the hospital I have so far raised £5,700 for them to thank them for all they did for my friend Ben and my friend Isabella and all the other children. Ben is amazing and he is still with us and not terminally ill anymore how amazing is that? Isabella unfortunately has relapsed but she is a fighter. I help by keeping in touch with her parents and raised money for her. My neighbours are very old so i do keep an eye on them and in the very bad weather i clear the snow and make sure they have their essentials and they always get a christmas card of me as some of them only get that one Christmas card. I am just a normal boy but love making a difference. It makes me proud to see how many people I have helped. I broke my humerus Oct 2016 in a quad bike accident but I couldn’t let anyone down and still carried on doing my Christmas stalls for charity. I just want others to follow what I do and that's to make a difference. 3/4 of my life I have helped thousands of people. To achieve so much is amazing. Sorry don’t know what else to put,my mom is helping me but I am just me Louis who cares about others.
I am also doing well at school and school support me so much. Thank you for just being nominated that’s unbelievable but it’s about making a difference helping others and the community. I have supported well over 10 charities.Compton Care(i have done walks,raffles and stalls for them),Midlands Air Ambulance (done a raffle,a stall and signalled the flag for them for 3 years running for bike4lifefest) ,help 4 heroes(raised money at Debenhams and did carvers walk for them),CRYWOLVES baked and help sell cakes with them),Birmingham Children's Hospital (done stalls,afternoon tea,film afternoons,halloween parties,Raffles and tombolas,cakes and about to do a 15 mile walk for them),promise Dreams(10 mile walk),Steve Bull foundation(stalls event),Teenage cancer trust( i did a walk for them)Cure Leukemia,made cakes and did a sweet stall for them, Barnardos(walks), helping hearts(which is our local homeless help)(gave them toys,clothes,food and treats),Mary stevens Hospice(a baked bean bath with 150 tins of beans,Children in need(stall for them), RGT wolverhampton(sponsored 5 greyhounds).Sponsored an enclosure for Meerkats at Hoo Farm.My facebook page is my twitter page is
I received the BCyA (british Citizen youth award) in October 2016 and became Louis Johnson BCyA.Last year i became one of only 2 children to become an Ambassador for them. I haven't had an holiday for over 3 years as i love helping others and my money that i get for selling some of my toys and gadgets i give it to charities. Just being nominated means a lot, it's not about winning to me it's about others seeing what i do and awareness of the charities i support and thinking i could maybe do a bit of what Louis does. I organise everything myself well mom helps a bit under my instructions. Just making a difference is all it takes. It doesn't matter if you make £1 or £1,000's just helping others makes a huge difference i am only 12 years old. If i can do it think about it and you can do it too.

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