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Jacqueline Winstanley | Universal Inclusion | Edgeworth, Bolton, UK
Positive Role Model (Disability)

Bio/Profile - Jacqueline Winstanley Bsc Hons ​​​

Founder and CEO of Universal Inclusion
Executive Producer Raising the Roof 2018
Pink Shoe and UK Economic Blueprint, Ambassador and Lead, Diversity and Inclusion
ICCC Friends of the Society of Agequake Student Designers Co Chair

Jacqueline is best described as a global disruptor & innovator, with a deeply held and proven conviction to increasing equality of access to life’s opportunities through the creation of inclusive environments. She is a recognised international expert and consultant on inclusion and accessibility challenges.

A thought leader in the reduction of global inequalities, Jacqueline’s work is recognised as good practice in the UK and internationally. Over the years, she has built an audit trail in terms of proof of concept and outcomes, most notably in Inclusive Economic Growth, Workforce Retention, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Inclusive Play, Childcare, Parks and Open Spaces.

Based in the North West of England, Jacqueline has influenced significant changes in government policy in the UK as a direct result of her clarity of vision in this area. She continues to develop and implement frameworks and solutions to global inequalities, driving concepts and contributing to the development of inclusive cities & societies, especially within the workplace and access to services. She does this by developing and sharing cross sector good practice, and championing rights and protections of disabled people and others who face barriers to life’s opportunities.

As Founder of Universal Inclusion & the Inclusive Entrepreneur, she regularly presents at high level gatherings at the UN, in Windsor and Westminster. There is no doubt, Jacqueline’s work has, and continues, to enrich lives and reduce inequalities, albeit carried out in more flexible and innovative ways whilst managing the personal challenges Inclusive spaces and Entrepreneurship have brought along the way.

She holds a series of directorships: Founder, Universal Inclusion & The Inclusive Entrepreneur; Chair, FLUIDITY, UK Forum for Hidden & Fluctuating Conditions; Trustee, DRUK Disability Rights UK, FILT (Foundation for Independent Living Trust): Co Chair, International Council of Caring Communities; Pink Shoe Club Ambassador & Diversity lead Team UK EB; Virgin Start Up Mentor.

She is also an author, poet, public speaker and regular contributor to national & international Advisory Boards, Good Practice Guidelines, White Papers & Select Committee evidence sessions.

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