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Currently Assistant Director of Finance and Procurement at a London Housing Association, Morenike continues to make transformational changes and contributions to the organisation. In addition to her day job, Morenike is passionate about developing and seeing others excel in their chosen career. Having mentored several candidates, Morenike recognised that many are being held back from higher aspirations, largely due to a negative mind-set and ineffective work ethics. Identifying the gap in the marketplace has compelled her to create “Career Nuggets”, a social enterprise aiming to bridge this gap. Morenike is also an award winning author of 2 bestseller books, selling over 1,000 copies to date. This remarkable individual is being applauded for giving back so much on top of her day job, including investing her own funds and time into Career Nuggets. Her impact within the BAME community is outstanding.

We spoke with Morenike after she won The Positive Role Model Award for Race/Faith/Religion at The National Diversity Awards 2017. Here’s what she had to say:

What were your thoughts on the other shortlisted nominees within your category?

They were all phenomenal, I thought that all shortlisted nominees were all winners, doing amazing work in different capacities.

Although you were unable to attend the ceremony, what were your thoughts after winning The Positive Role Model Award for Race/Faith/Religion?

I still completely overwhelmed, I didn’t think I would win it, as the category was very strong. However, I am grateful to the person (s) who nominated and voted for me. They have given me a gift that money cannot buy – they have given me so much joy and encouragement. I really want to appreciate Paul Sesay for creating such an amazing platform too. I am sorry I was unable to attend due to being caught up at a prior engagement of educating and empowering some youths in the area of their career development. It still seems like a dream and it is so nice to be recognised and appreciated. Winning the National Diversity Award has motivated and encouraged me more to continue to do what I am passionate about, which is giving back and helping people progress in their desired careers.

What reaction have you received from supporters/fellow employees since winning the award?

I have received so many congratulations from so many different people. Winning the award has created a lot more awareness of me and my social enterprise ‘Career Nuggets’. People have been checking me out on my social media platforms, sending me messages… all this as helped me gain greater exposure.

How will you utilise winning the award?

Firstly, I am going to use The National Diversity Award winner signature. Winning the award has given me the confidence to look for new opportunities in areas I would not have considered before. Presently, I single-handedly sponsor all that I do, now I am going to venture out and look for people to collaborate with and possibly get some sponsors too. I am sure this award will allow me to leverage with large organisations and gain their support.

Now that you have won a National Diversity Award, what are you going to go from here? What are your next steps?

My next steps will be  now to speak much more about areas of diversity and winning a National Diversity Award will give me the courage and strength to do so. I feel like I am now an ambassador of The NDA and will encourage others to nominate. Winning a National Diversity Award will empower me to share my knowledge of Diversity and Inclusion.

In your own words, how do you feel the work you are carrying out is making a difference?

I am making a difference because I am reaching individuals who may not have had as many opportunities as others might have had in the areas of career. Having a career is beyond having just a very good qualification. I help people find solutions to the gap they have from where they are (As is position) to where they want to be  (To be position) in their chosen career. I have been able to give people hope, skills, financial independence and access to opportunities they wouldn’t have come across. I believe I am also a connector and have been able to use my network to create opportunities for others.

Why do you think it is important to highlight Diversity, Equality and Inclusion?

It’s so important to highlight Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in all we do because we can achieve much more by having people from diverse backgrounds working together. For example, a diverse office is a beautiful place to work, allowing people to be themselves leading to a ‘realness’ and positivity within the work place. It increases productivity and helps businesses to grow.

Who or What is your inspiration?

My inspiration is my late mum, she was a single parent who just gave as much as she could to allow us as many opportunities as we could without a father figure at home. We were content and never felt like we missed out on anything. She had so much drive for her two daughters to succeed in life. I am also a Christian so my faith in God is also my inspiration and driving force behind what I do.


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