2019 Shortlist

Michael Newton

  • 1 month ago
  • written by NDA



After being diagnosed with HIV in 2012 at the age of 26, Michael is a fervent campaigner for HIV issues and acceptance and aims to break down barriers and misconceptions around queer and non-traditional families. Joining the P3 Network as COO in 2016, which is a non-traditional family charity, Michael has helped change the course of the group by focusing on making it accessible to everyone, not just City professionals as had been the remit previously. This saw the group grow from 250 members to 3,000 members, who all have access to events and resources to learn how, as LGBTQI+ people, they can start their families and the routes to go down. Michael has also led a number of campaigns around Trans*Parenting, Parenting with HIV in partnership with LinkedIn and the launch of ‘Inclusion Matters’, a parent and carers guide to assess a school’s commitment to diversity while looking for a school for their child.

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