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LM-JV won the enabling works contract for the HS2 Project in November 2016, carrying out the work has meant doing things in a different way and excelling any previously set benchmarks such as the Olympics and Crossrail. They have gone to work in a unique way, resourcing their suppliers locally and focusing on SME’s, local supply chains and talent pools that have not been accessed. Their journey involved a collaborative working group to create and promote opportunities to a broad range of people in and around the region, ensuring they would meet the needs of job seekers and learners. LM-JV’s original plans did not include specific numbers or data; instead they devised a number of high level strategies with plans and have seen Equality, Diversity and Inclusion bloom in the Birmingham area. They have women returning to construction due to flexible working and are working with over 60 ex-offenders on their construction and demolition sites.


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