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Kirsty Tate

  • 2 weeks ago
  • written by NDA



Kirsty Tate facilitates transformative treatments for women to help them recover from addiction and to overcome traumatic pasts. Experiencing unimaginable trauma throughout her life, with both parents addicted to Heroin and violence being a regular occurrence, Kirsty was taken into care and developed a feral attitude towards life. Today, Kirsty has overcome unthinkable horrors and works tirelessly to save lives and spread positivity as Learning and Development Lead at the Nelson Trust. She has developed the Griffin program, a 9-week intervention to support women with a sex working history to have a safe space to discuss and process the trauma of their experiences. Her latest venture is Phoenix rising retreats, a series of four women’s retreats providing a safe space for women in recovery to find real solutions for difficulties with intimacy, relationships, sex, body image and empowerment.

  1. 1 week ago


    angelena o’donovan

    I’m delighted for kirsty. She absolutely deserves recognition for her work and the hugely positive impact she has. She worked with me briefly when I was in a terrible place in my life and she showed me real care and it felt like she wad determined to help me, like she COULD really see my suffering. She treated me like I wad somebody who deserved to be treated with respect and kindness. I hope she does really well because she definitely deserves all the recognition and success for all tge passion and love she shows in her work. Well done kirsty


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