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KIDS Yorkshire

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KIDS Yorkshire have been supporting disabled children, young people and their families in Hull since 1988. They work with disabled children from birth up until the age of 25, allowing them to provide continuity of support as children become young adults. They currently work with over 1000 families a year across Hull and East Riding and support all disabilities and conditions. They make a very real difference to the lives of families with a disabled child through high quality, practical and tailored services delivered by dedicated professional staff. One of their most prominent initiatives is Loud Mouths, a lottery funded project that first began January 2018. Meeting around every 2 weeks, Loud Mouths are a group of young people aged 14-25 with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). Their aim is to have a voice, form new friendships, and shape and influence service delivery in the City.

  1. 1 month ago


    Gina Walker

    The Loud Mouths KIDS Yorkshire is an amazing group which as helped my son James gain so much confidence with his communication he uses eyegaze to talk and he has started to use it a lot more around strangers then ever before because the young people and laura who runs it are so supportive he has his say on everything now not as shy to use it now and its give him a chance to show his personality and have fun with it

  2. 1 month ago


    Alex Chapman

    I think both the kids Yorkshire organisation and the loudmouths project are absolutely amazing. I enjoy going to the activities loudmouths provide and they provide a lot of good activities and my favourite things are the youth parliament and the activity weeks from the end of October through the beginning of November. I think loudmouths do a very good job at providing activities for young people with send. Being part of loudmouths is one of the best things I have ever done. I always try to attend every session.

  3. 1 month ago


    Lucy Jade moss

    Kids are amazing they have help me so much


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