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Jenny McLaughlan

  • 2 weeks ago
  • written by NDA



Jenny McLaughlan, who appeared on Dragons’ Den in 2015, first enjoyed success with teething jewellery business Gumigem, inspired by Jenny’s own experience as a mother. Shortly after Gumigem launched she realised her products served an unmet need in the sensory market and Chewigem was born. This venture not only designs and provides safe, chewable items for autistic children and adults who like to chew on items to gain sensory relief, but also provides a support community and value added content to help others. Horrified by stories of children chewing dangerous items such as batteries, Jenny has now helped create a discreet chewable stationery kit for schoolchildren. Jenny has listened to customers and has also developed a range for people with downs syndrome, ADHD, dementia and many other markets. There have been well over one million Chewigem’s sold worldwide and their membership and community has grown to 30,000 in 12 months.

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