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Janet Williams

  • 1 month ago
  • written by NDA



Janet Williams, who has 2 adult sons diagnosed with birth defects and developmental problems as a result of taking her Epilepsy medication whilst pregnant, has fought tirelessly to put pressure on healthcare professionals and MP’s to warn parents of the risks. In 2012 after 20 years of continuous litigation battles with the NHS and Drug company, Janet became CEO of INFACT and co-founded parent support group FACSA, in order to switch raising awareness to Parliament. In April 2018 they finally had mandatory legislation put in place to ensure women were warned of the dangers of the medication in pregnancy and a review began which enabled them to show how long the Government had been aware of the damages caused by the drug Valproate. Without Janet’s drive, Fetal Valporate Syndrome would not have been brought to the publics and Doctor’s attention which has harmed an estimated 20,000 children in the UK.

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