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Inspire Women Oldham

  • 2 weeks ago
  • written by NDA



Inspire Women is a tapestry of the interwoven lives and experiences of a group of Oldham women, their stories contributing to the writing of a new, inspiring story of women helping women and enabling change. The purpose of Inspire Women Oldham is to help create an inclusive world where all women have a voice, are visible and have the resources to achieve a full and meaningful life. Founded in 2007, Inspire has facilitated a beautiful Women’s Centre in the heart of Oldham town centre and is open to all women aged 16 and over. All that this amazing organisation does is based on generosity; in the last year alone Associates gifted 5000+ hours. Inspire facilitates, creating opportunities for connection in a beautiful, welcoming space. In this space women have re-discovered their voice, changed their language, become equal, free to pursue ideas, to shape and re-shape, to co-produce the organisation.

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