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Ifraah Samatar

  • 2 weeks ago
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Ifraah is a law graduate, a teacher, author, and youth mentor. She works with young individuals, encouraging social inclusion and offering guidance in situations including knife crime, relationships, education, bullying and self-esteem. She co-founded a social action campaign called @WeAreNTRPRT; a programme that empowers and supports young interpreters by recognizing the vital role they play in their communities, and equipping them with confidence, knowledge and skills. Her other roles include Head of Youth Leadership at Nida Trust, Regional Ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust, organiser of Hackney Cultural and Diversity day, Hackney Street iftar and Director of Connecting Communities, which aims to maintain and create a society infused with acceptance, inclusivity, and diverse communication. Ifraah is also a volunteer at Human Relief Foundation and was recently awarded for going ‘Above and Beyond’ for her commitment in fundraising.

  1. 2 days ago


    Irsha Akbar

    I have known Ifraah for over 10 years. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow from a goal filled, motivated, dedicated teenager into a woman who achieved her teenaged dream of helping her community, bringing light to social injustices around the world and showing cultural awareness to all those around her, you can always learn something from Ifraah. She is a person who radiates love and has helped me with so much, from cultural issues that affected me really deeply to religious issues that I had. Her work in the community is priceless, she understands what we go through because she has come from that background and made something of herself, I look at her and am inspired by her everyday and I know the children that she works with feel the same way, she is a beacon of what we can achieve with hard work and dedication and she will continue to shine.


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