2019 Shortlist

Gavin Neate

  • 2 weeks ago
  • written by NDA



After serving in the Forces Gavin began a career as a Guide Dog Instructor. His experience of poorly installed pedestrian crossings led him to invent the world’s first personalised pedestrian crossing for use by disabled people. The solution, called ‘Button’, is installed in an entire town in Scotland and spreading across the UK. This success led Gavin’s company, Neatebox, to address other challenges faced by disabled people and using smart technology his latest venture ‘Welcome’ raises awareness in a business of a visitor’s needs immediately prior to their arrival empowering the disabled visitor to dictate how they would wish to receive service. Since its launch ‘Welcome’ has been installed with The Scottish Government, Councils, RBS, DoubleTree Hilton, and many others and is generating societal change through the removal of Arrival Anxiety at the point of contact between consumer and business.

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