Crossing light symbols depicting women instead of men have been introduced in Melbourne, Australia with campaigners calling it progress for equality.

Australian lobby group Committee for Melbourne is behind the move.

Martine Letts, CEO of the group said: “There was unconscious bias built into our brains because we are accustomed to seeing a male figure.

She added: “If we see more female figures on traffic lights that might also have a positive impact on changing the way we view the world.”

The not-for-profit organisation comprises over 120 businesses and community groups and is aiming to have equal representation of women and men at every crossing in Victoria.

ITV News asked people at a crossing in London what they thought of the initiative, with people giving mixed reviews.

Crossing lights have been used before as a beacon for change across the world.

Several European cities feature women guides, crossings in New Zealand show a women’s voting rights campaigner.

In Penrith Australia lights at two crossings were changed to honour a long-serving female councillor.

The ten new crossings in the middle of Melbourne will be trialled for a year.


Source: ITV News

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