2019 Shortlist

Dominic Davies

  • 1 month ago
  • written by NDA



Founder of Pink Therapy, Dominic Davies has been called the grandfather of Queer Therapy in the UK. He is an award-winning sexologist, psychotherapist, community activist, networker, pioneer and considered by the cognoscenti to be a significant figure within both the world of therapy and the LGBTQ+ communities. He has fought for improving the mental health of LGBTQ people for his almost 40-year career. He has been active in campaigning against conversion therapy and for better training of therapists in working with LGBTQ+ people. Dominic has raised the standard of expertise on LGBTQ+ mental health for Britain, by being the first person to publish pioneering textbooks, and running training courses and programming numerous national conferences in this area. His work has been internationally recognised and he has travelled extensively to share his expertise.

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