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Dionne Johnson

  • 6 months ago
  • written by NDA



During her 10 years at Cheshire Constabulary, Dionne Johnson has worked in the local communities as a PCSO and for the last 3 years has embarked on a new role within the HR positive action team. Using knowledge she gained from her PCSO role and volunteering for a local community group, Dionne was able to research a number of issues regarding the lack of representation and diversity in the organisations workforce and recruitment. She has focused on positive action strategies that can be implemented to not only help increase the numbers of BAME officers and staff but also help to improve the progression and retention of existing employees. Dionne has chaired the forces BAME staff network for 6 years and has recently been elected onto the National Black Police Association cabinet, where she helps to promote, encourage and support officers throughout the UK and N. Ireland.


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