2019 Shortlist

Christie Elan-Cane

  • 1 month ago
  • written by NDA



Christie Elan-Cane has worked for almost three decades to raise awareness of non-gendered identity. Christie’s core identity is neither male nor female and was rendered socially invisible within a gendered societal structure. Christie campaigns upon a principle of legitimate identity as a fundamental human right. This inspiring individual was the first person in the UK to openly identify as being neither male nor female, initially via an interview on the BBC TV programme Reportage in Spring 1992. What began as a plea for acceptance set in motion a chain of events causing the evolution of per work over the years into a full-time campaign. Most of Christie’s work from the point of political engagement was necessarily under the radar. Christie’s work was generally unacknowledged until per legal case against the UK Home Office’s discriminatory passport policy attracted worldwide media coverage.

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