2018 Entrepreneur

Chris Jelev

  • 6 months ago
  • written by NDA



Chris Jelev founded the Millennials Club in 2017, the largest teenage-run millennial network for entrepreneurs across the UK. With over 700 members operating across 23 different cities worldwide, in just one year Chris and his team have managed to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship, especially in this era where you can make a living off your phone. Chris has built a strong culture within the business which has allowed him to attract employees and clients in abundance. The Millennials Club aims to motivate and inspire those with a flair for business and provide them with both the psychological and material resources they require to succeed in their desired field. Above all, they provide a foundation where lasting connections and partnerships are formed. The Millennials Club operates cohesively in different cities bringing millennials to a community where everyone is family.


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