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  • 3 years ago
  • written by NDA


2016 Diverse Company Award

Channel 4 has set out a major commitment to leadership in diversity at every level of the organisation. The 360° Charter puts diversity at the heart of all decision making at Channel 4, across all activities on and off-screen. It includes 30 significant activities worth £5m of investment and covers a wide definition of diversity including BAME, disability, LGBT, gender and social mobility.  This year they have launched their Year of Disability. On top of the ongoing 30 initiatives in the 360° Diversity Charter, Channel 4 will invest an additional £300k in two major new talent initiatives. On screen they will double the number of disabled people in 20 of their biggest shows, and off screen they will progress the careers of 20 disabled people already working in the industry in their 20 biggest suppliers.


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