British Army officers are to be measured on their efforts to promote “inclusiveness and diversity” in their units under new guidelines.

The news follows the Army’s most recent recruitment campaign, promoted using the tagline: “Find where you belong”.

Now personnel will be judged on their efforts to make the unit a comfortable work environment regardless of recruits’ background, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Checklists including ten different measures of performance and progression will be utilised, including the completion of all mandatory training exercises.

An MOD spokesman told the Telegraph said: “One of the worst possible situations you can be in, is where you’re part of a military team where you don’t feel included.

“We want people to be part of a team and we want to be able to identify if there’s a problem.

“One incident is too many so at some point the defence board must have decided to have an objective where people can be actively held to account against diversity and inclusion objectives. This is 2018, and we need to be up on this stuff.”

In a statement, an MOD spokesman added: “We added this objective because we are committed to promoting a modern, diverse and inclusive workplace.

“A key part of this is ensuring that everyone in Defence takes the lead.”

Source: Standard UK / Martin Coulter 9th April 2018


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