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Atif Choudhury

  • 2 weeks ago
  • written by NDA



Atif Choudhury co-founded Diversity and Ability (DnA) in 2009 in order to apply his lived experience as a neurodiverse learner to furthering the wellbeing and development of other dyslexic and disabled learners. DnA provides one-to-one support, consultancy and disability-focused training for individuals, businesses, universities, public sector, trade unions, charities and think-tanks. Atif also co-founded Zaytoun CIC in 2004, the world’s first Fairtrade Palestinian olive oil cooperative, which enables 25 villages and 6,000 farming families to create sustained meaningful livelihoods with dignity and independence. He is a trustee of Disability Rights UK and has been active in a number of high profile grassroots social development projects across the globe. Atif’s flair for social projects has been acknowledged by being listed as one of the Future 100 Social Entrepreneurs.

  1. 7 days ago


    Helen Ball

    Well deserved nomination. His relentless ability to focus on the well being of others in a sensitive and enabling way is remarkable and endearing. Well done Atif!

  2. 5 days ago


    Firdevs Dede

    It is a well-deserved success Atif! Keep on contributing to the development of neurodiverse communities and share with us all the good news!
    All the best,
    Firdevs Dede

  3. 1 day ago


    jamie crabb

    I’ve had the great fortune of both being supported by Atif as a neurodiverse learner, and working alongside him subsequently for over 10 years as part of the amazing diversity and ability diversityandability.com @DnA_matters team. atif is a true champion of SOCIAL JUSTICE, inclusive practice and support. fantastic to see his nomination and all the best atif!


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