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Andys Man Club

  • 2 weeks ago
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Andy Roberts was 23 years old when he died by suicide. The resultant devastation that hit his family was also followed by something more positive – his brother-in-law, professional rugby player Luke Ambler and Andy’s mum Elaine Roberts, became determined to prevent as many families as they could from going through such a trauma. In just three years, Andys Man Club has become one of the most important organisations working to help men today. Their group sessions are changing the lives of thousands who have hit rock bottom and are continuing to grow in number at a remarkable rate. Last year they had 10,000 men use the groups with 20 volunteer led clubs situated across the UK. This incredible organisation is now averaging just under 600 men a week all coming together to help each other through shared experience, and the word is getting out there that we no longer need to keep our struggles to ourselves.

  1. 2 weeks ago


    Joseph McManus

    #AMC saved my life! Without this brotherhood I would have taken my own life. I know this sounds drastic but I was in a very dark place mentally!


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